Community Engagement Grants

RISC-RISE wishes to engage with community organizations to address issues of local socio-economic and environmental vulnerability through innovative regional approaches. RISC-RISE has fostered transfers of scientific knowledge between world regions since 2007 through the establishment of a multilingual and interdisciplinary community of engaged scholars active in eight thematic working groups.

We believe that this community can add value to traditional locally-focused engagement through its vision of cross-regional dialogue. Community organizations, through collaboration with RISC-RISE, can benefit from the expertise of thematic specialists coming from different parts of the world, increase visibility of their organizations through international collaboration and engage in projects facilitated by RISC-RISE with organizations from different world regions.

Thematic Working Groups

1) Quality of democracy

2) Development, equity and policy coherence

3) Management of strategic resources, environment and society

4) Civil society, vilnerable polulations and state policies of health and well-being

5) The social construction of risk and disasters

6) Comparative border and migration politics

7) Conflict, violence and citizen security

8) International relations and the link between regional and global governance architecture

Community Engagement Grants Winners 2021

Engage South Africa

We help young people discover the knowledge, skills and platforms to find their voices as young leaders and become active and contributing members of their schools, communities and the country at large. With the “my.voice” programme, we provide leadership and civic education programmes and workshops for youth that: increase critical thinking skills; build self-awareness and confidence; develop youth leadership skills; promote the ability to debate and dialogue effectively; increase awareness about relevant local, national and global topics; provide the understanding to participate actively in democracy; foster youth’s passion and capacity to lead positive social change; and connect youth across social, economic, cultural and political divide.

Tag: @myvoicesa

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Winner 2

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Winner 3

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Call for Applications – currently closed

RISC-RISE is pleased to announce the opportunity for seed funding aimed to promote innovative partnerships between researchers and community organizations for projects that address local vulnerabilities through collaborative approaches. The purpose of these partnerships is to promote effective responses to community problems by introducing transdisciplinary, comparative perspectives. Participating organizations provide academics with the opportunity to apply their research for the promotion of local sustainability. Scientific knowledge can be used to inform project design and it can contribute to evaluation of existing initiatives. All projects must include social action and research components and they must be implemented through partnerships including RISC-RISE affiliated researchers and community organizations.

Application Process: In general, applications are formally submitted by RISC-RISE affiliated researchers. The application process includes two stages. During the first stage, interested scholars must fill out an application form which includes the following information:

  1. Name and positions of applicants
  2. Institutional affiliations
  3. Title of the project
  4. Project summary
  5. Proposed project calendar
  6. Brief description of research-community engagement collaboration
  7. Proposed link with one of RISC-RISE’s working groups

Selected applicants will be invited to send a more complete proposal in the second application stage.

Selection Criteria: Projects are selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of project proposal
  2. Quality of the academic-social action partnership
  3. The proposal’s relevance to one of RISC-RISE’s working groups
  4. Project feasibility

The grants will be distributed to RISC-RISE members who must submit scientific and financial reports upon completion of the grant period. Grant money will be distributed in one payment at the beginning of the project. Unused funding must be returned to the consortium at the end of the project period.

2022 application dates to be confirmed.