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Regions & Cohesion

Regions & Cohesion is the journal of RISC-RISE.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on the human and environmental impacts of regional integration processes. It disseminates conceptual and empirical research (articles) and normative analysis (Leadership Forum) of topics related to human and environmental security, social cohesion, and governance.

The journal facilitates a cross-regional intellectual dialogue on timely political, social and environmental issues from a regional perspective and is especially committed to publishing scholarship from emerging/transition countries and developing states. Its multilingual (English, Spanish and French) and interdisciplinary character contribute to the journal’s originality in providing an inclusive forum for scholars and practitioners in different world regions to engage in important international discussions related to sustainable human development. This dialogue reflects RISC’s mission of connecting scholars and practitioners from different world regions who otherwise would not have the opportunity to interact.

Routledge Book Series

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Publications related to policy coherence for development can be found in the resources section of our PCD Knowledge Platform.