RISC-RISE Doctoral and Post-doctoral Forum

Doctoral and Post-doctoral students of the RISC-RISE community are welcome to join the Doctoral and Post-doctoral Forum. This forum serves as a meeting point for early career scholars, offers a platform for exchange and an opportunity for peer feedback.

In our regular work session, DPD-Forum members are invited to present their work in progress (draft journal article, PhD dissertation, fieldwork, etc.) to receive feedback early on during the process. DPD work sessions take places (online) every two weeks.

The DPD-Forum also creates space for collaboration and joint publishing through continuous dialogue.

Since the launch of the RISC-RISE Masters Forum, the DPD-Forum also collaborates with the Masters forum to create workshops on topics that are relevants to both groups, such as research ethics and scientific impact.

If you are interested in joining the DPD-Forum, please see below for contact information.


  • Sandra Häbel & Emma Hakala: Conceptualizing policy coherence for sustainable development and environmental security (on-going)
  • Julia Ros Cuellar & Sandra Häbel: Normative coherence for development and Just Transition (on-going)
  • Sandra Häbel & Emma Hakala: Policy coherence for sustainable development and environmental security – a case study of European Union policies on renewable energy (full text here)


  • Writing retreat (planned for 2022)
  • Joint writing sessions, virtual (2020-2021)
  • Public speaking and presenting at the Corporación Universitaria Remington, Medellin, Colombia (2018)

Meeting Times

every third Wednesday

3:00-4:30pm CET

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